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How to choose consumables for barcode printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

There are only two consumables for bar code printers, one is a label and the other is a ribbon. But their types are very annoying, and the centers are very different, so in order to obtain satisfactory printing results, we have to choose the right label and ribbon for the barcode printer.

The printing media of bar code printers refers to the printing materials of label printers. From the shape of the media, there are mainly ribbon, card

and labels. From the material, there are mainly paper, Synthetic materials and fabrics.

Let’s analyze these dielectric materials below

From the surface gloss of paper, there are high gloss, semi-high gloss and matte.

High gloss: mirror copper plate, Glossy paper, etc.

Semi-high gloss: coated paper. Matt paper: offset paper.

Special papers include aluminum foil paper, fluorescent paper, and thermal/thermal transfer paper.

Under normal circumstances, printing high-gloss paper media uses resin-enhanced wax-based ribbons or mixed-based ribbons (R310 and R410), especially mirror coated paper. Although it is called copperplate, the surface is one Laminated synthetic material light film, semi-gloss paper, available ribbon types are resin-enhanced wax-based and general wax-based ribbons, while matte types can only be printed with R313.

These materials of bar code printers are stronger than paper materials, have a wide range of applications, and require relatively high ribbons.

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