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How to choose fiber laser marking machine? What should be paid attention to when purchasing?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

If you need to purchase a fiber laser marking machine, how to choose? Which manufacturer to choose? What price would be more appropriate? These are all things we need to consider before purchasing a fiber laser marking machine? Today, the editor of Harmony Tianyu will share with you what we need to know when purchasing a fiber laser marking machine.

1. Clear marking material and scope

Clear marking material means that we need this equipment to print some What, what are the requirements for the laser marking process proposed by the user department or customer, here is the general classification of products: such as auto parts, mobile computer accessories, daily tool accessories, etc. The material of the product is one of the most important factors for laser equipment, because the laser is used The ultra-high-energy beam reacts on the material itself instantaneously. Different materials react differently when exposed to heat, especially the plastic parts. The appearance, feel, and color are exactly the same, but because of the different material formulation and composition ratio, the same laser source There's a huge difference out there. Another is the laser process direction, including laser marking, laser drilling, laser peeling, etc. These three factors are directly related to the selection of equipment. Sometimes a small difference in process requirements will cause a large gap in the price of the equipment. If the purchaser does not have a good understanding of these, they can choose to send samples or visit the site. Proofing. Remember: it is the best way to verify the strength and attitude of the equipment connoisseurs to be able to come to the door for proofing. Therefore, the selection of equipment manufacturers must be based on the principle of proximity to facilitate various pre-sales and after-sales services. Samples, the manufacturer can find the most suitable equipment configuration for you, and there will be a rough estimate of the equipment cost, which is convenient for subsequent business quotations.

2. Determine the specification and model

After proofing, the manufacturer also understands the direction of your laser process requirements, and should With what kind of equipment. And you have also visited what models are needed for this project, and how much is invested. When you know the type of equipment required for this project, you can consult several manufacturers online, and inquire about the equipment types and accessories configuration given by the proofing manufacturers. price. It is also good to shop around to prevent equipment manufacturers from arbitrarily reporting high prices and arbitrarily lowering the configuration, and shoddy! (These are the means most used by laser equipment manufacturers to improve profit margins.)

3. Understand the price in many ways

After the proofing quotation and several inquiries, I probably know the price of the equipment investment, and make a comparison between the input and output of the project. Whether the calculation is suitable, we also need to consider the scalability of the equipment at this time, because the selection of laser equipment has a lot to do with the material and process requirements of the product. Are we just buying laser equipment based on this product, or for other process needs in the future? Leave some room for expansion? In addition, the configuration of laser equipment is now mixed, and there are also very cheap and inferior configurations. The price will naturally be cheaper. Use better brands, even imported brands, with guaranteed quality and higher investment.

4. Refinement of cooperation methods

How to cooperate, that is, we have to negotiate with the manufacturer whether it can be tried out. How to pay, equipment on-site installation and debugging training, etc. As a 'renegade' of the original manufacturer, the author has deep experience. If the customer is more cautious and strong, equipment trial is actually the best way to ensure equipment quality and service. If you really talk about it If you don't agree, then you have to set up several 'barrier wines' on the payment to ensure the strict control of the equipment manufacturing process. After all, in the business of business, we must believe that businessmen are always treacherous. Don't be fooled by rhetoric.

I believe that with the general experience of the above processes, we will not be too confused about the purchase of fiber laser marking machines, but the real practice, we still need to do it ourselves While negotiating and pondering, we should also believe that from which point of view we stand, we need to give equipment manufacturers reasonable profit margins and mutual respect, after all, integrity. , win-win, harmony is the eternal law of the entire business circle!

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