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How to choose inkjet and laser printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-21
How to choose inkjet and laser printers Hello, everyone, I am a small editor, today I will talk to you about laser printers, let’s get to know them together. There are two types of industrial cij printers: one is inkjet marking, and the other is laser etching. There is no difference between superior and inferior, only suitable or not. Please see the selection of our products! Since the industrial inkjet printer was invented in the 1970s, it has experienced more than ten generations of development, with a wide variety of models, so how do we choose? 1. If your company has a large scale and high production line speed, such as some beverage, food, and pharmaceutical production lines with online coding, then we recommend Willett 640/660 and Videojet 1580/1520 printers. Because of the high-speed online, stability is an overriding important factor. Once the stability of the inkjet printer is tested, every minute of pause will have a greater impact on the front and back processes and production batches of a production line, and even cause huge losses. The world's largest, most advanced, and most stable American Videojet printer series provide you with diversified choices. Of course, if you consider the cost of inkjet printer consumables, some low-value and low-margin product production lines, Aijie A480 inkjet printer is your best choice, the advantage is that it is cheap, and the prices of machines and consumables are reasonable! 2. If your company is small in scale, use a simple conveyor belt (line), after the finished product, or before the production, spray code on the packaging material, you can solve the problem with only a small number of inkjet printers in the case of multiple varieties and multiple lines . At this time, it depends on the number of your printing products, and the daily or even monthly working hours. So for some low-cost operators, inkjet printers that require too much learning and complex operating functions are obviously not suitable. At this time, Willett 620 cij printer is your first choice! Because this inkjet printer is all-touch, easy to operate, intelligent, and low-cost to use, only ink solvent, the maintenance cost is negligible! The price is equivalent to that of the domestic machine, of course, only 2 lines can be printed. Of course, if the factory has some highly skilled technicians, you can also choose the Aijet Anyjet A480 inkjet printer, which can print 4 lines, and the printing information can be complex and changeable. Usually, it will be more handy if it is maintained by a skilled person. The use cost is also low. Secondly, let’s take a look at the large-scale launch of domestic laser printers of various brands in the past five years. The sales of laser printers have also increased significantly. A new force in the sign industry. The difference between laser inkjet printers and ink inkjet printers is that: 1. The laser printers are destructive inkjet printers, which will damage the surface of the inkjet codes. For some products with coatings with stricter anti-corrosion requirements, use them with caution. But compared to the ink machine is easy to wipe off, or the solvent is cleaned off, the permanent marking of the laser machine is also an advantage. 2. Laser printers have been widely used in the electronics industry, automobile industry, and machinery industry. With the continuous increase of laser power and the increase of online coding speed, it has now entered various industries such as traditional food, beverage and building materials. It has the cost (not absolute) of consumables such as ink and solvent and is simple to use daily. Of course, there are other costs such as the life of the laser tube, but it will take many years to appear, and of course there will be high costs as soon as it appears. 3. There are many kinds of laser printers, so you must make a board before choosing, otherwise it will be unprofessional and irresponsible. There are several types of laser printers, such as carbon dioxide, optical fiber, and UV. Different wavelengths are for different coding materials, and the laser wavelength and frequency are wrong, which is of no effect at all! Ink machines also have different materials and different ink options. If the material is complicated, then a few laser machines are needed. The number of ink machines can be reduced relative to the purchase. Although it is not a cure-all material for ink packs, most of them can be attached, and the price of ink machines is relatively cheap. Today’s content ends here. If you want to know more about our laser printing machine, please click to enter our official website: I hope it will be helpful to you!
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