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How to choose inkjet printer consumables correctly

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-15

The inkjet printer is a high-tech product, and its nozzle is very small (about 40-70 microns in diameter) , The printed characters also require fast drying and high adhesion. Consumables production

Every process has strict craftsmanship and strict quality control. Inkjet printers have particularly high requirements for related consumables such as ink and thinner. Users need to carefully choose the products (ink, thinner, cleaning fluid) consumed by the inkjet printer and purchase them carefully.

1. Ink. It is composed of solvents, pigments, resins and other materials. The formula and production process are very strict. The inkjet printer manufacturer will provide the corresponding specifications for inkjet printing according to the specific performance of the inkjet printer and the material to be printed

. So as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inkjet printer. This shows that when buying ink, you must choose the original ink provided by the manufacturer.

Perhaps there are many alternative inks on the market that claim to be the same as the original inks. However, after a period of use, the printer will have various malfunctions. Because the ink formula and production process of the factory are very strict, it is difficult for ordinary manufacturers to make general consumables. The important thing is to repeat, the ink of the inkjet printer must be provided by the manufacturer

Original ink.

Second, thinner. It is a substance specially developed according to the characteristics of the ink. Its function is to replenish the lost substance of the ink during the operation of the cij printer. At the same time, it is repaired by

The destruction caused. Substitution of solvents is generally just a simple addition of the ink base material, which is very harmful to the inkjet printer. It will produce poor splitting, lower deflection force, and the printed characters will be unstable. In severe cases, it will not be able to boot normally or even be scrapped. When purchasing thinner, be sure to choose the original thinner provided by the manufacturer.

Three, cleaning fluid. It is used to clean the nozzle and the ink splattered. Printer suppliers will provide different types of cleaning fluids for different inks. The formula and workmanship of the cleaning solution are relatively simple. The user can select a suitable cleaning fluid according to the base material of the machine ink used. It is recommended to choose the original cleaning fluid provided by the printer manufacturer.

The cij printer and consumables are imported with original packaging, so you can use it with confidence!

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