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How to choose small character inkjet printer ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

The technician from the Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. told us what requirements the ink of the inkjet printer must meet if the small character inkjet printer is to be used normally?

First, the ink of the small character inkjet printer must be filtered with high precision

The aperture of the small character inkjet printer nozzle is as small as 40 microns to 60 microns , The particles in the ink must be much smaller than the nozzle aperture to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked.

Second, the small character cij printer ink should have proper viscosity and surface tension

After the inkjet printer ink is ejected, it must form ink droplets of standard shape. If the viscosity is too high or too low, good ink droplets cannot be formed, and the surface tension will also affect the quality of the ink droplets. Printing quality has a crucial influence.

Three, the small character inkjet printer ink needs to have appropriate conductivity

After the ink is formed into droplets, it must be charged to deflect the printing. Ink with too low conductivity cannot be charged. Too high conductivity can also lead to poor charging. The conductivity of inkjet printer ink is usually controlled by adding conductive salt compounds to the ink.

Four, small character inkjet printer ink should have good hue and good hiding power. The inkjet printer ink should be printed on the surface of the product with clear and clean writing, pure color and good hiding power. Therefore, the characters printed with high-quality inkjet printer ink generally do not appear fuzzy gray or illegible.

Fifth, small character inkjet printer ink must maintain long-term stable properties

ink needs to be recycled for a long time and must have good stability. Long-term use cannot produce precipitation or crystallization, and it must have a long shelf life.

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