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How to choose the autumn/winter fleece custom? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-18
Now summer still, still hot. But how can the bosses of the clothing customization business etc. ? After all, sometimes the weather is like the heart fickle, someday a rain down the weather turned cold! Clothing customization is impending, such as in advance and processing customized also need time to prepare. So whether it's personal custom fleece or enterprise custom fleece can start earlier custom oh ~ qiu dong who dress custom printing process is various, need combined with own printed when custom fleece needs pictures, so you can customize the expected effect. The T-shirt laser printing machine no plate-making, a print, beautifully printed directly on the fabric surface pattern. Textile printers, easy to master, a few hours of training to master print. The printing process of green environmental protection, no pollution, good smoothness, ink color reduction degree is high, fearless hand wash machine wash. Whether you want to do custom clothing occasionally, often small batch custom clothing, all is not a problem. Is the old brand, first is the research and development production, the digital printing equipment, has nearly 19 years. The machine performance of mature, experienced technical staff, don't worry about the use of machines and after-sale problems. Would like to venture? Want to transform? Custom t-shirts, fleece, canvas, denim is not a problem! 18 years to wait for you good quality
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