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How to choose the ink for the two-dimensional code barcode printer? What to see?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31
Nowadays, we can see many QR codes and other printing on various products, which is convenient for fast tracking, and can also effectively realize brand identification and management. are usually based on ink, so how to choose ink for QR code and barcode printers? What are the key considerations? 1. Adhesion of ink Judging from the choice of two-dimensional code barcode inkjet printers, of course, the adhesion of ink is a very important part, and it is a main indicator that directly affects the effect of cij printers. Combining the coding requirements in different industries, the adhesion requirements of inks will naturally vary. For example, when printing on high-gloss and high-density surfaces, you should choose inks with stronger adhesion. If there are not too many requirements, Ordinary ink is sufficient, relatively speaking, it can meet the needs of coding operations. 2. Ink type The ink selection of the two-dimensional code cij industrial inkjet printer should also consider the type of ink. For example, the colors of inks are currently commonly used in black, white, yellow, pink, etc. According to the coding needs of different industries, the color matching can also be selected according to actual needs. In addition, it is whether the ink is environmentally friendly or not. For example, when printing on food packaging, you can choose environmentally friendly inks to avoid affecting the food as much as possible. At the same time, pay attention to whether the ink is a quick-drying type, and select it according to the coding needs of the industry to ensure the stability of the coding. There are many things to know about the ink selection of two-dimensional code barcode inkjet printers. There are many ink brands on the market. According to the specifications and types of inkjet printers, different types of inkjet printers, comprehensive inkjet coding requirements, choose the right ink to achieve efficient and stable inkjet printing. Better support for industry processing.
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