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How to choose the laser printer correctly and matters needing attention when debugging the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-06

In order to seek greater development, it is an irresistible trend for many companies to use cij printers to track and control their products. However, because cost control and actual production requirements are different, how to correctly select the cij printer is very important. So how to choose the inkjet printer correctly? We analyze and compare from the following aspects.

①. It is very important whether it can be perfectly combined with the existing production line. Even if there is a machine that can meet the requirements in terms of quality, stability, adhesion, etc., but it cannot match the existing production line, the production line must be transformed after purchase, which will inevitably increase the production cost.

2. The performance of the machine should be reliable and the failure rate should be low. Some customers, due to lack of funds, purchased products with cheap performance test skins, which not only affected production but also brought actual losses. The machine was purchased for 10,000 yuan, so you must consider carefully before purchasing.

③. The printing effect should be clear. If you are required to print the company's LOGO (icon) or to print clear fonts, barcodes, QR codes, etc., you need to choose a high-resolution inkjet printer.

④. The cost of use should be reasonable. That is, the cost of consumables should be economical and reasonable. If the production volume is large, it is best to choose a printer that can save the cost of consumables. Some inkjet printers are relatively cheap, but the cost of consumables is very large. If the output is not large and funds are limited, it is worth considering.

⑤、The operation and maintenance should be simple and convenient. Most of the cij printers are basically simple in operation, but some cij printers do not have a Chinese interface, which will cause trouble for the operator.

⑥, high-quality after-sales service is a must. First of all, it is necessary to understand whether the service system of the manufacturer can provide high-speed and fast service. A complete service network and service system are necessary conditions to ensure the normal use of the machine. .

The debugging of the inkjet printer should strictly follow the operating standards. The following are the precautions for debugging and use:

1. Be careful when moving the cij printer. Unplug and plug the nozzle wire with power on to avoid burning the nozzle.

2. After the second day of using the side spray method, spray some cleaning liquid on the surface of the print head, squeeze the ink bag lightly after one minute; let the ink flow out of the print head, and then put a piece of white paper on it. In front of the print head, press the strong jet key and move the paper in front of the print head; test the printing effect of all 128 holes with ink (there is no white line), then it is OK, if there is a white line in the middle of the spray, squeeze the ink bag again; repeat The following work will not start until the printing effect is OK.

3. After starting the second day of the downward printing method, loosen the handle screw on the nozzle clamping block and move the nozzle horizontally, repeat the work of ②, and confirm the printing effect; adjust the nozzle To the desired printing position, lock the handle screw to fix the print head. Please note that before the handle screw is loosened, any act of changing the direction of the print head with force is prohibited; it will cause the print head to be loosely tightened and affect the print quality.

Fourth, the inkjet printer should be refueled in the place where it is best to add lubricating oil every month, so that the machine can be kept in good condition.

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