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How to choose the marking scheme of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-31

As a fast and clean product marking technology, laser marking machine is rapidly replacing the traditional old product marking technology, especially inkjet technology. With the market's continuous enhancement of product parts tracking and traceability requirements, especially in equipment, automotive and aerospace applications, these requirements are driving the exponential growth of applications for direct marking of parts information. At present, there are a variety of laser marking schemes on the market. Each marking scheme has its own marking characteristics and the range of materials suitable for marking. When selecting, users need to choose a suitable laser marking according to specific application requirements. plan. So how to choose the marking scheme of the laser marking machine?

The lasers used in laser marking schemes currently on the market mainly include: fiber lasers, Nd : YVO4 laser, green (532nm) laser, ultraviolet (UV) laser and CO2 laser. In addition, there are still some high-power applications still using Nd: YAG lasers. Of course, with the development of technology, Nd: YAG lasers have gradually been replaced by the other types of lasers mentioned above.

1. Optical fiber marking machine: Good marking quality and high cost-effectiveness. The fiber laser uses the laser output from the ytterbium-doped fiber, and its pump source is a telecom-grade single-tube diode. This diode has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. In addition to the advantages of long service life, fiber lasers also have higher energy efficiency and less maintenance requirements, so they have a very low cost of ownership.

2. CO2 laser marking machine: an excellent choice for marking printed circuit boards, paper, leather and wood. The working substance of the CO2 laser is composed of gas enclosed in a decompression aluminum tube. The pump energy of the CO2 laser is provided by radio frequency (RF) energy. The CO2 laser marking machine can mark plastics, but the markings are engraved and there is no surface contrast. The working wavelength of the CO2 laser marking machine is 10604nm, which can be widely used to mark organic materials such as paper and wood, and it can also mark printed circuit boards (PCB) and glass.

3. Nd: YAG laser marking machine: old laser engraving technology. 4. Nd: YAG laser marking machine is mainly used for large-area metal marking (surface effect) and deep engraving applications (depth effect). These applications usually require higher laser power.

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