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How to choose the power of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-27

When buying a fiber laser marking machine, we are faced with a variety of cabinet fiber laser marking machines, desktop fiber laser marking machines, portable handheld fiber laser marking machines, and small fiber laser marking machines. , not only to choose the appearance style, but more importantly, the choice of the power of the fiber laser marking machine.

The output power of the fiber laser marking machine is 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W. Generally speaking, the 20W optical fiber marking machine can already mark many metal raw materials. In addition, the actual effect of the laser marking of the optical fiber marking machine is the same. The 20W type is faster and deeper than the 10W type. The 10W laser marking machine is suitable for marking some plastic products and some commodities that do not have deep regulations, and the 20W laser marking machine is more suitable for marking metal products relative to the 10W one.

The laser marking equipment with output power of 20W can print on ordinary metals. The laser marking function is maintained by the high-speed scanner scanning galvanometer system software. The optical fiber laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and adopts air-cooling method for refrigeration. It can engrave metal raw materials and some non-metal raw materials by hand. The fiber laser adopts the overall structure, no electro-optical environmental pollution and output power coupling loss, evaporative cooling, high efficiency, long life and less maintenance.

The 20W fiber laser marking machine has high optical conversion rate, long life, very easy maintenance, and faster laser marking, which further improves the high efficiency of production and processing. High-precision three-dimensional technology, high-speed focusing point and scanner system software, laser light fundamental mode, short single pulse, high peak output power, high repetition frequency, produce the actual effect of laser marking without defects for customers.

Although the 30W marking speed is faster than the 20W laser marking machine, it is not necessary to choose 30W, 20W has already considered the requirements of many processing plants, and the output power It is not that the higher the better, the actual marking effect depends on the absorption of the laser by the material. The wavelength of the frequency light of the fiber laser is the same; the difference is that the output power is different. The marking products with high output power have a wider coverage and faster marking speed. The laser value of the 30W laser marking machine is higher, and the application covering surface can be wider than that of the 20W laser marking machine. Except for the ultra-high-precision production and processing, the 20W laser marking machine has obtained most of the manufacturing in the application surface and high efficiency. manufacturer's approval.

1. Whether the power of the laser generator is large enough (it is important for the speed and actual effect), and whether the kinetic energy is stable or not (Generally, the stability is specified as 2%, and in some places, 1% is specified, so that the ideal actual effect can be produced and processed);

2. The output of the laser generator is good The quality of light, including the reliability of the method and the mold;

3. The laser generator should have a sales price, and it should be sustainable in the harsh industrial production and processing environment

4. It is convenient and convenient to use, the key function is established, illegal operation can be rejected, and the laser generator will not be damaged.

5. The laser generator itself should have excellent maintainability, fault detection and interlocking functions, and the shutdown time should be short;


6. You have to carry out laser marking inspection, and only after the actual effect is achieved can you make a clear purchase.

The above is my introduction to the power selection of fiber laser marking machine! The power of the fiber laser marking machine required for the production of different products is different. If you choose the right one, there will be no waste of resources!

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