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How to choose the right laser marking and marking machine application for you

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-10

As the application of laser marking machine becomes more and more extensive, of course, more and more customers buy it, but when customers really buy laser marking machine, Yantai laser marking machine, Weifang laser marking machine, How much do you know about our laser marking machine? Is the laser marking machine you purchased really suitable for your product? Is it really a cost-effective product? For example, a small business that produces packaging bags, do you think it is appropriate to buy a UV laser to mark the production date of packaging bags? Let’s not talk about equipment, talk about lasers, it is also a small business that produces packaging bags to buy an IPG laser fiber laser cij printer. Do you think this is not a waste of money by raising costs?

Our customers generally like to ask how much is the price? Not many customers care whether the device is suitable for their product. , Yantai and Weifang laser marking machines are mainly distinguished by lasers, such as ultraviolet laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser cij printers, fiber laser marking machines, laser cij printers, etc. Different laser marking machines have different effects on objects of different materials, such as depth, speed, color, thickness and so on.

In fact, it is not difficult to choose a laser marking machine suitable for your own products, such as Yantai laser marking machine and Weifang laser marking machine. Because there are many types of laser marking machines, first of all Before you can choose the most suitable laser marking machine, you must first understand the characteristics and application fields of various types of laser marking machines. Laser marking machine manufacturers can test according to the products provided by customers, and can formulate laser Leadtech Coding equipment suitable for your products for your products. After all, only the equipment suitable for your products is the best.

Laser marking machine, as the most common high-end laser marking equipment in the new era, can be used in many industries. At present, the most extensive industries include gift industry, electronics industry, packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol industry, daily necessities industry, etc. The content marked by the laser marking machine is permanent, which not only ensures the safety of the product, but also ensures the authority of the brand.

1. Gift industry: Reciprocity has always been the traditional culture of our Chinese nation. Nowadays, the craftsmanship of gift making is improving, and people have more and more personalized needs for gifts. To meet such requirements, we can only rely on laser marking machines to help us out.

2. Electronics industry: With the continuous replacement of electronic products, the demand for laser marking machines in the electronics industry is also increasing. Such as PCB board marking, electronic component marking and so on.

3. Packaging industry: The packaging industry needs to use laser marking machines to mark permanent text, symbols, dates, batch numbers, bar codes, two dimensional code and other information, and the laser marking machine is a good helper for the packaging industry marking application.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: Due to its particularity, the pharmaceutical industry has strict quality standards. There is also a set of production standards for the labeling of the graphic and text descriptions on the pharmaceutical packaging. And these are a piece of cake for the laser marking machine.

5. Food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol industry: use laser marking machine to mark food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol packaging, and the marking is permanent, which fully guarantees food safety .

6. Daily necessities industry: Daily necessities, as daily necessities, are closely related to people's daily life. Today, the daily necessities industry also uses laser marking machines to mark the production batch number and other information on the packaging.

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