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How to choose the right laser marking machine for the chip?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-29

In order to identify the brand or parameters and other information on the chip surface, we are bound to mark some patterns, numbers or two-dimensional codes on the surface. The chip itself is extremely small, so we need to be able to Only the laser marking machine that performs precision laser marking processing on the area can realize engraving, the surface of the code is beautiful, the writing is clear, and the most important thing is that it cannot damage the performance of the chip, and does not affect the ability of the chip to be on the silicon board. Circuits are formed on electronic components.

We prefer to recommend 3W ultraviolet laser marking machine, because the light source of ultraviolet laser marking machine has a shorter wavelength than infrared and visible laser, so it has absolute Leading advantage, low heat, and minimal thermal impact on the product, which can directly destroy chemical bonds at the microscopic level more effectively, so as to achieve precision laser marking processing, and it is clearer and easier to identify on a tiny chip.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine can be widely used in non-metal packaging, glass and cable industries to achieve universal and customized requirements such as marking QR codes, cutting and fast proofing .

The UV laser marking machine can display perfect laser marking in any chip, mobile phone keys, electronic components, communication products, jewelry, ceramics, glass and other industries. Laser coding effect.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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