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How to choose the right pesticide QR code printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-21
At present, the demand for cij printers in our production is very high. For some fields, this is also a great demand, and there are many cij printer products on the market now, so if you choose At that time, we will encounter a lot of problems, especially for the selection of our pesticide QR code inkjet printer. Next, we will share some selection techniques with you in detail. With the passage of time, after the implementation of the veterinary drug QR code printer traceability system, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the management of the pesticide label QR code and related regulations. The management measures require the use of the QR code printer pesticide labeling plan. In the pesticide traceability system, in the specific implementation plan of the manufacturer, some very important links in the hardware equipment are the selection and use of the inkjet printer.   Pesticide QR code inkjet printer can be traced back to the link of the system, hardware equipment and software equipment are both indispensable. It is also necessary to choose a relatively easy-to-use, appropriate and clear pesticide QR code cij printer, which can form a variable QR code printing effect on various pesticide labels, with size and adjustable , The content can be set to support information transmission and online use, and the functions are more abundant, which can meet the product label coding needs of pesticide production and processing enterprises. When making a selection, first of all, the pesticide traceability to the QR code should meet the following requirements: 1. The traceable electronic information code of the pesticide label is mainly marked by the QR code. The QR code is the QR code and the character code is UTF. -8 format. The content of the two-dimensional code should include the name of the pesticide, the name of the pesticide registration certificate holder, the unit identification code, and the website of the traceability information system. The unit identification code is composed of 32-digit Arabic numerals, which is unique, and a QR code corresponds to a sales packaging unit. The pesticide QR code cij printer is shared with you in detail. I hope that when you make a choice, you need to make a corresponding analysis according to some specific needs. This is also a very important point that we need to do well. , I hope everyone should consider carefully when choosing.
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