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How to connect the Zebra barcode machine to the host

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

After buying the zebra barcode machine, many novices don’t know how to install it. The following is an explanation of how to connect the zebra barcode machine to the host and install it from the cij printer manufacturer’s technology:

1. Connect to the host, turn on the power of the bar cij printer, select the 'Printers and Faxes' folder in the 'Control Panel'Automatically detect and install plug-and-play printer' check box, the connected barcode machine will be found, follow the prompts to put the driver CD attached to the printer into the optical drive-select the corresponding model, install the barcode Machine driver.

2. Paper selection settings: Start-Printers and Faxes-Zebra printers-Properties-Print options (usually select the default)-Media settings-Thermal paper type selection

3. Click the right mouse button on the newly installed bar code machine icon-select 'Share'-bar code machine properties dialog box-switch to the 'Sharing' tab-select 'Share this printer'- Fill in the name to be shared in the 'Share Name' input box-click the 'OK' button to complete the sharing settings.

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