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How to correctly and dismantling print heads -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-18
Normally, the printer nozzle is not taken, but under special circumstances, such as cleaning the nozzle when they need to spray tear open come down to, so it is necessary to understand the way the disassembled nozzle is! 1. Remove the print head: remove the printer cover, look at the right side of the print head ( In the face of a laser printing machine) , you'll find a clip, with a handle gently hold print entered warehouse, another hand with flat with a screwdriver gently pry the clamp, this time feel print entered warehouse to move a bit on the right side. Connect the print head, ink cartridges monitoring chip cable ( The cable need hemostatic forceps type tool clips) Pull out from the socket, connect the print head cable slowly pulled out from the circuit board slot, then also can see the print head under the white cable to the left of another clip, also with a small screwdriver gently pry clamp, then can use the hand will print entered warehouse and warehouse apart, while the print head have also can take down from orbit. However, we also need the drawing rack from word car picked the right motor gear: with little flat mouth screwdriver between inclined on the upper gear and rack, mobile rack to the right, through the rotation of the gear and rack can be removed from the gear! 2. Decomposition of the print head: after remove the print head, just hold the print head with both hands respectively before and after the warehouse, the level to reverse direction, can easily split the print head away. Is a company dedicated to manufacturing the conscience products manufacturers, have professional and technical personnel, excellent sales team and perfect after-sale system, is a reliable manufacturer, want to understand the printer friends please leave a message or contact us! Our sales hotline: 400 - 8316492.
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