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How to correctly operating backlit spurt the code machine? - - - - - - Spurt the code machine -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-22
Backlit spurt the code machine not only make the customer's operation is more convenient and more will play a leading role, benchmarking make everyone more comfortable in the daily work of operation. And the correct use of backlight to spurt the cij printer operation is very important, so can better application of this product, so the user is necessary for this product the following the right operation method. One, to understand the effect of different light normally, backlit spurt the code machine above there are a lot of light, and each indicator light color is not the same, because it represents a different meaning and function. Such as backlit spurt the code machine power indicator light is red, as long as it is in power, the power indicator light will shine; And the ready indicator light is green, the said equipment is in the condition of jet printing; In addition to other lights, such as yellow or red should know in advance. Second, check the instrument line and start the cij printer before the formal start backlit spurt the code machine, should look at the screen below the line, because it reflects the real-time data during printing. And then open the provide service after the power switch at the back of the backlight spurt the code machine, click the green 'start' button, about 2 minutes, when the spurt the code machine in the light of chalk line green light is lit, said spurt the code machine start-up success. Three, shut down and start the machine when backlit spurt the cij printer in injection condition, press the 'stop' button, the machine will be automatically entered into a state of cleaning, about 4 minutes according to spurt the code machine downtime is completed, should shut off the power, then just can shut down the power switch at the back of the machine. Then start the spray print, when has the reputation of backlit after receives the spray printing cij printer, laser marking machine spray printing printing information. That is backlit spurt the cij printer for correct operation of a few simple steps, and if you want to stop, you can press 'F1 - - - - - - - Suspend spurts India '. At the same time in the process of backlit spurt the code machine print can also delete data appropriately in certain passages of editing, or choose and change the spray printing materials, etc. , can be done very simple which need some changes.
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