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How to correctly select laser printer equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-19
As a common identification device in industrial production, inkjet printers play an important role in the production process. Nowadays, in order to develop, many companies use cij printers to control their products. So how to choose the cij printer correctly? It should be analyzed and compared from the following aspects:    1. Whether it is a manufacturer. shopping malls are mixed, customers must investigate whether the manufacturer is a production company before buying. When you buy a dealer’s product, you will have trouble repairing it in the near future. Since the dealer sells this product today, it may be another one tomorrow. As long as the production company is the permanent backer. The easiest way to distinguish between distributors and manufacturers is to ask for copies of business licenses, corporate production specifications, and inspection statements from the Technical Supervision Bureau.   2. The machine function should be stable and reliable, that is, the fault rate should be low. To understand the defect rate of the product through multiple channels, the Colip High Resolution inkjet printer has no moving parts, no heat, no wear, and a very low defect rate.  3. The effect of jet printing should be clear. If you need to print the company LOGO (icon) or require clear fonts, bar codes, etc., you need to choose a high-resolution cij printer. Since the high-resolution inkjet printer has a printing resolution of 185dpi, it can print both physical characters and dot matrix characters.  4. The simpler the structure, the lower the fault rate. Can you still see printers with modified systems? The modification functions are handed over to the computer! Try to buy a printer with a simple structure, which has a low failure rate. The high-resolution inkjet printer only needs to be composed of three parts: the print head, the print head drive board and the ink circuit. Try not to buy printers with modification functions. Since the inkjet printer transfers the operating functions to a general-purpose computer to control, the customer will not consider the problem of modifying the system at any time. For inkjet printers with modification function beyond the repair period, once there is a problem in the modification part, no repair technician except the manufacturer can fix it. You only need to accept the skyrocketing price or watch the equipment become obsolete.   6. Production line speed. High-resolution inkjet printers are suitable for low-to-medium-speed production lines below 45 m/min. If the speed is higher than this, it is best to choose a printer with a built-in pump.   7. The product shape is wrong. If the product shape error is within 8mm, you should choose a high-resolution inkjet printer. In the 8mm-15mm choice built-in pump inkjet printer. To surpass 15mm, you just need to choose other methods of logo production process.   8. Only buy the right ones, not the expensive ones. After all, the machine is used to make products, not for decoration and boasting. Of course, the better quality and cheaper the printer is, the better. Kelipu inkjet printers take it as their responsibility to make customers affordable. When the imported inkjet printer is 100,000 yuan/set, it will definitely hit an ultra-low price of 10,000 to 20,000. Today, KLP is still serving users at ultra-low prices. These factors actually determine the size of the use value of the equipment. When making a decision to purchase inkjet equipment, customers should base their own considerations on the above points and choose carefully when deciding to purchase inkjet equipment. Only in this way can they buy the one that suits their needs. The most cost-effective coding equipment.
These cij printer date coding machine are meant to serve as a guide for business owners on how to both identify potential opportunities for transformative innovation and how to adapt to the constantly changing technologies of today.
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