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How to customize cotton overalls? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-19
Both in the enterprise, the whole image of the staff is very important, the image of the employees to some extent represents the image of the enterprise and enterprise culture, enterprise management effect and so on, so that employees have a good image is the first thing to do. Custom work clothes is neat to be able to help shape a unified image of the first step. Textile printing without plate making, also need not out of the film. Just be printed images, can directly print directly on the clothes design. The operation is simple, completely broke through the traditional limit colour in the silk screen printing. Textile digital printing T-shirt laser printing machine adopts imported white ink and high quality textile color ink environmental protection, better printing effect, better colour fastness to reflect. Digital jet printing machine printing process: 1. Choose to print images on the computer, then use Photoshop or other image software set the size of the printed image, etc. 2. Pretreatment of the need to print fabrics, uniform liquid spraying pretreatment, and then use the pyrograph machine press for 30 seconds. 3. Put the fabric on the digital printing machine, and then start the laser printing machine for printing. 4. After printing, use pyrograph ironing machine pressure, excess water ink rapid evaporation. Choice, you're worth it.
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