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How to deal with blurred handwriting of fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-28

Fiber laser marking machine can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials, and is widely used in a variety of electronic components, hardware products, auto parts, medical equipment and other fields. When users use the fiber laser marking machine, the problem of unclear typing of the equipment may occur, which affects the user's normal use of the fiber laser marking machine. What is the cause of this situation? How do we deal with it?

1. For the reason of the field lens, you can unscrew the lens from the marking head to see if the field lens has flowers. , or whether there are oil stains, if it becomes flowery after cleaning with alcohol, it can be said that there is a problem with the field lens. It is best to use an exhaust fan when the marking machine is working, which can prevent the field lens from being marked. Contaminated by the smell of dust.

2. The reason for the galvanometer lens, this problem may also lead to the sound of the galvanometer, or the pollution of the light entrance surface of the field lens, if the laser intensity is too large , if the galvanic lens is not heated evenly, the galvanic lens may crack, or the film of the galvanic lens is polluted and damaged. In this case, the galvanic lens should be replaced, and the center of the laser must be hit at the center of the galvanic lens, and The quality of the film layer of the galvanometer lens must be good, and finally the galvanometer system must be sealed to prevent the entry of moisture and dust.

3. The beam expander is polluted or the position of the beam expander is changed. In this case, if the beam expander can be wiped clean, it is better to clean it first and re-calibrate the expansion mirror. For the position of the beam mirror, it is best to ensure the best sealing of the light entering and exiting parts of the beam expander.

4. Change the position of the laser, correct the position of the laser.

5. The laser output lens is polluted. If it can be wiped, wipe it first. If it cannot be wiped, it is better to return it to the factory for disposal, and make a sealed and dustproof structure.

6. Use the corresponding marking material to test the laser spot. It may be that the energy of the laser becomes weak or the quality of the spot becomes poor. In this case, please return to the manufacturer for repair.

7. The focus position of the fiber laser marking machine is wrong, just readjust it.

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