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How to deal with inkjet printer shutdown during long vacation-

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-27

How to deal with cij printer shutdown during long vacation

During the long holiday every year, most factories stop production, and the cij printers are also shut down. For factories where the printer has been out of service for more than 5 days, it is necessary to properly handle the printer before the shutdown. This plays a vital role in whether it can be successfully turned on when it is used again after the holiday. The following technology will tell you what to do when the inkjet printer is down for a long time.

1. Prepare materials

1. Please prepare a disposable plastic cup.

2. Cleaning solution

2. Operation steps (Please operate in the state where the printer can print.)

For the following operations, please wear protective glasses and protective gloves!!!

1. Press the shutdown button on the keyboard, and the printer shows that it is shutting down

2. Pour 30ml of cleaning solution into the plastic cup

3. Put the print head into a plastic cup filled with cleaning fluid and wait for the cleaning fluid to be recovered.

4. Please turn off the power of the black ink jet printer when the display is in standby.

Note: Do not power off the white ink printer and replace it with a brand new thinner. Please keep the screen display in standby or sleep mode during holidays.

The above is the way to deal with the long holiday shutdown of the cij printer organized by science and technology, remember to keep it

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