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How to deal with the clogging of the nozzle of the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-03
1. Problems occur in the nozzle part of the cij printer

The print head of the cij printer is composed of ink tubes, recovery tubes, cleaning tubes, power lines, nozzles, high-voltage deflection plates, recovery tanks, phase detectors, and charging tanks. Among them, the inkjet printer is in a simple condition, and the number of processing times is the three pipes of the ink circuit. The ink of our inkjet printer is easy to dry and solidify, and the duration is about 0.3 seconds. If it is not used for a long time, or abnormal shutdown causes the pipes And the ink builds up inside the nozzle, and then causes the pipeline to be blocked. In such a situation, we must carefully identify which pipe it is, and then carry out the steps according to the simple knowledge of engineers training customers to repair, gradually open up, and the nozzle is severely blocked, and an ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used to achieve fast processing. .

2. The words printed by the inkjet printer are not clear and the words are scattered. In addition to cleaning the nozzles and cleaning the front filter of the nozzles we said, we also need to learn to carry out diagnosis and testing from the circuit part of the printer to prevent unclear, scattered or unclear words due to circuit charging or calibration. The ink line is unstable. The details of the circuit part include the measurement of charging calibration, pressure calibration, high voltage measurement, ground wire detection and so on. At this moment, we need a multimeter to carry out auxiliary work. The use and control of the multimeter are also essential. If you want to become a repair master of cij printers, you need to know the knowledge of parts and circuits. Starting from the circuit ink circuit step by step, it is our solution. A quicker and more secure method for printer problems.
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