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How to deal with the high-resolution inkjet printer nozzle can not squeeze ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

Extruding ink is a necessary step for maintenance of high-resolution cij printers. The high-resolution inkjet printer is drunk and used every day. Daily maintenance, do these maintenance machines can run stably. But when squeezing ink, the high-resolution nozzle cannot squeeze out the ink. what is the problem? Factory Technology Co., Ltd. has collected some possible causes. The following information is for reference only!

1. Check whether the ink tube of the encoding device is damaged. If there is air in the ink tube, there is no pressure when squeezing the ink, so the ink will not be squeezed out.

2. The nozzle of the printer is completely clogged or clogged. It will not squeeze out the ink. High resolution nozzle ink is easy to dry. If it is not sprayed, it will be exposed to the air for a long time, and the ink will block the dry nozzle; or if it is not maintained or used for a long time, it may become severely clogged.

3. Check whether the nozzle is normal. If the nozzle or important parts of the nozzle burn out, the ink cannot be squeezed out.

4. The nozzle voltage is low. The nozzle voltage determines the curvature (or any unevenness) of the internal piezoelectric crystal. The high voltage can increase the ink output of the inkjet, while the low voltage It is possible to reduce the ink output. If the voltage is low, ink may not be discharged, which is also possible.

The above four points are the reasons why the nozzle of the high-resolution cij printer cannot squeeze out the ink. Factory Technology Co., Ltd. stated that the above four points are for reference only. If there are any errors, please correct them. If there is such a situation in the high-resolution inkjet printer: the nozzle can not squeeze out the ink, and most of the daily maintenance is inappropriate, so maintenance is very important. High-resolution cij printers need to be maintained every day. The maintenance method is actually very simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

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