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How to deal with the problem of laser coding machine failure

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-02
Because the machine is also manufactured by humans and developed and applied, there will always be problems with failures. Since ancient times, it has been said that soldiers will stop and the water will cover, so there will always be ways to deal with the problem of printer failure. Let's summarize it now! 1. Failure: half of the content of the printer head is running and printing. There will be a lot of chaotic lines; reason: the nozzle part is irradiated by the UV lamp, causing the inkjet to be chaotic and skewed; method: replace the new nozzle;    2. Failure: printing A white line appears after a few sheets of content; reason: the temperature of the print head is too high; method: lower the temperature of the print head and lower the negative pressure;    3. Fault: the inkjet becomes lighter from time to time, and the print counts the number of hops when the sensor has no induction; reason: The underground damp ground wire is not properly connected, and the power socket is connected with more wires; method: update the sprinkler board and deal with the underground wire.  4. Fault: The print head is wired, and the ink needs to be squeezed for about half an hour after printing; Reason: Adjust the basic condition of the machine; Method: Raise the machine about 1 cm, and place the print content in the middle of the print head.   5. Failure: Unstable typing; Reason: There is a problem with the spray gun; Method: Replace the spray gun.
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