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How to deal with the remaining ink of the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-28
Nowadays, people are very particular about the use of machines. If you want to maintain the machine, you must master some relevant common sense, especially for the remaining ink of some cij printers, which requires us to do a good job. Corresponding treatment, and then I will share with you some details about: some specific treatment methods for the remaining ink of the inkjet printer, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.  First point: After the inkjet printer finishes coding, we must first clean the nozzle of the printer, because there will be a lot of ink remaining on the nozzle. If these are not cleaned in time, the cij printer is prone to plugging, which will affect the service life of the inkjet printer, so it is very important to clean the nozzle.  The second point: The inkjet printer is a device controlled by software. Open the cij printer's control panel and there is an option for inkjet nozzle backwashing. Backwash should be used regularly every day.   The third point: There is a cleaning pot in the inkjet printer. Take it out. The ink inside is introduced into the nozzle of the cij printer. After cleaning for a few minutes, the cleaning function can be terminated. Then it can be used normally. Some specific treatment methods for the remaining ink of the inkjet printer are shared with you in detail. I hope you should pay more attention to some details when performing corresponding operations. This is very important for us. The role of.
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