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How to distinguish between small character inkjet printer and UV inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27

What is the difference between a small character inkjet printer and a UV inkjet printer? Speaking of it, many new and old users are very confused. Although it is the same coding device, the small character inkjet printer and the UV inkjet printer are very confused. The difference is still quite big. Now the editor will tell you some knowledge about the two technologies, hoping to let you distinguish between the two devices more quickly.

1. Different application fields.

Small character cij printers are widely used in food, beverages, building materials, pharmaceuticals, wires and cables, daily cosmetics, electronic components and other commodities. The general printing content includes the general three phases (production Manufacturing date, expiration date, storage period), and information content such as the manufacturer’s corporate LOGO design, electronic counter, serial number, etc. UV cij printers have great advantages in the printing and packaging industry. They are usually integrated in packaging machinery and equipment, such as carton sealing machines, rewinders and other automated technical service platforms. Variable area data coding, such as two-dimensional codes, barcodes, special patterns, multi-line text information, etc., has faster printing speed and high reading rate, which can complete the coding effect similar to printed matter. It is used in the packaging and printing industry. Applications are more common.

2. The printing range/format is different.

The height of the printing characters of the small character cij printer is generally between 1.3mm-12mm, and some customers require 15mm-20mm printing. High, but there are really very few inkjet printer manufacturers that can do it. If the distance is too far, the effect of small-character inkjet printers will be very scattered, the dot matrix may be incomplete, or even not imaged, which will affect the appearance of the product and brand promotion. In short , The printing height of small character inkjet industrial inkjet printer is generally between 5mm-8mm. The printing format of UV inkjet printers will be larger. For common UV inkjet printers, one host can control 6 nozzles for seamless splicing, and can complete super-large format inkjet codes with a height of more than 430mm, which can meet the overall requirements similar to cartons. Code identification solution.

3. The price difference is large

The more important point to distinguish between small character inkjet printers and UV inkjet printers is the difference in their procurement costs. The difference between the two is relatively large. The bare metal price of the inkjet printer is equivalent to 4 times the price of the small character inkjet printer. With the automatic production line equipment, its cost will increase even more, making many small manufacturing plants stop. During operation, there is a big difference between the cost of operating consumables and the cost of equipment maintenance. Relatively speaking, small-character inkjet printers are easier to operate, easier to maintain, and use more inks and additives. Suitable for general factory use. Through the above comparison and analysis of the two equipment, I believe that everyone can have a clearer understanding of UV inkjet printers and small character cij printers. When purchasing, first understand the product's situation and requirements, conduct preliminary screening, and then you can Go to the inkjet printer manufacturer for on-site inspections to learn more about the actual operation of the equipment, proofing and testing, and more assurance.

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