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How to distinguish epson encryption nozzle and unencrypted nozzle? Use what's the difference? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-30
China is not only a strong national well-off, and created in China & amp; Made in China! We can send astronauts into space, can will dragon sent to 6000 meters deep, can have own beidou! , however, is based on the present market analysis, but some things may not be suitable for large-scale into civil, such as a printer nozzle. We now have their own research and development team is committed to do the research and development work, but still need time. Not only is the issue of capital, technology, and because several nozzle manufacturers such as epson, in some of the core technology has already been applied for a patent, if no innovation, not to mention the production! So the Chinese market the main circulation use of the nozzle is mainly Japanese star, Toshiba, epson, ricoh, British self nozzle, the TRIDENT nozzle and so on. The most widely use scope should be epson nozzle. But the subsequent, epson company in order to protect their own patent product, is conducive to prevent counterfeit products, and to ensure that its own brand's market share to own a lot of nozzle for encryption Settings. If not use epson original mainboard, nozzle and ink, will slow down, printing effect becomes poor, and so on. to print effect will detail how the difference between epson encryption nozzle and unencrypted nozzle? Use what's the difference? Epson an encrypted shower shortly after the launch, was universal printer/pictorial machine manufacturers break, the reason is a simple encryption algorithm, a little analysis, can perfect crack, crack after an encryption nozzle and unencrypted nozzle in terms of speed, the quantity of ink, and life, no difference, can be normal use. The printer used industry & amp; Product customization in an encrypted nozzle after be cracked, epson company carefully summarize and draw lessons, and then spray the secondary encryption, the encryption, epson company adopted a more rigorous algorithm. On the market including the five dynasties, seven generations 5113 nozzle and 4720 nozzle were joined the second password, given the more closely the encryption algorithm, the secondary encryption nozzle, in a strict sense, it is impossible to achieve real crack. So why still appear on the market using the secondary encryption nozzle pictorial machine/universal printer? Situation is this: some universal printer manufacturers in order to use the secondary encryption nozzle, adopted a compromise: & other; For half of the eight columns nozzle spray hole, namely four columns nozzle work, another four columns orifice compensation defects produced during the first four columns nozzle work, eight columns, in a nutshell is only four columns in the nozzle are really work, the other four columns in doing this. ” nozzle, used industry such as a result, the quantity of ink printing speed and reduced half, that is only half of the normal situation. The manufacturer to make up for the defects, adopted to improve the driving voltage and ignition frequency of extreme practices, increasing the nozzle work load, therefore, may nozzle life shortens serious consequences. According to the calculation, used in the current environment, the life of the secondary encryption nozzle is only a quarter of the original nozzle. The secondary encryption nozzle photo machine nozzle/universal printer nozzle to shorten the service life is also very easy to explain. In view of this situation, reminding customers buy universal printer, you must make a clear understanding of nozzle situation. Universal printer use is epson brand new original nozzle, the escort for your use of the machine. Buy the machine, to find!
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