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How to edit printing information on UV inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-08

Variable data UV inkjet printer adopts intelligent electronic control negative pressure ink supply system, supports multi-head and splicing expansion, customization and development of non-standard functions, Power Mark inkjet printer control system, and refreshing interface Concise, easy to understand, powerful, compatible, UV inkjet printer edit printing information operations are as follows:

1, plug in After turning on the power and pressing the power button, the system will enter the startup program. After about 1 minute of startup, the main operation interface can be seen on the main screen of the UV cij printer.

2. Click the button on the right side of the main operation interface, select the engineer user in the pop-up dialog box, enter the corresponding password, and click the button, Login is complete.

3. Click the button in the right column, and select the corresponding content in the pop-up menu bar Type, for example, click to add a QR code, and then you can see a QR code label on the interface.

4. Select the QR code on the touch screen, and then click the QR code button in the property bar below , And then a QR code properties window will pop up.

5. Select the text in the content in the QR code property bar, click the button, modify the content to what you need to print, and then click OK Button, and then click anywhere outside the property bar to close the property bar.

6. After closing the property bar, you will see a complete QR code label, if the label is not selected , First select the label, and then adjust the size and position of the QR code in the property bar below.

7. Click the button at the bottom right to start printing.

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