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How to effectively save the solvent consumption of the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-24
Today’s food packaging is very important to us. This is mainly to highlight our brand and show our image. If you want to achieve good results, you need to use our cij printers. Only professional In this way, there will be better results. Next, I will share some details with you about: some methods to save the solvent consumption of the inkjet printer, I hope this will be helpful to everyone. 1. Everyone knows that the greater the negative pressure of the inkjet printer is, the longer the ink will be in contact with the air, and the faster the solvent will evaporate. During the operation, the gear will be separated in the recycling method. The negative pressure generated by the recovery pump is also the largest, so it is necessary to use a separate recovery gear pump design and the solvent volatilization speed is the fastest. For this, it is also necessary to use a separate diaphragm pump design which is the most solvent-efficient. 2. Because the negative pressure of the diaphragm pump is not generated by the connection, it will also have a frequency of negative pressure generation, which means that the frequency of negative pressure will also be generated for every period of time, which greatly reduces the contact between ink and air. Time, so its volatile effect is the smallest among the three designs. 3. In order to achieve the same effect, the cij printer designed by Venturi recycling can be used, or the ink can be recycled by intermittent recycling. The method is mainly to recycle the solenoid valve of the cij printer with a time cycle closed method. This can also achieve the purpose of saving solvent volatility. Some specific methods for saving the amount of solvent used in the cij printer are shared with you in detail. I hope that you will need to pay attention to some points that should be paid attention to when performing corresponding operations. This is also possible for us. Effectively save some specific materials.
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