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How to encode the QR code printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03
Encoding rules for two-dimensional code cij printers: In the RR code symbol structure design, each RR code is composed of square modules, arranged to form a square array, which has a coding area and a functional area, and the symbol is surrounded by empty areas. 1. Symbol specification and version RR code has a total of 40 specifications of symbols. According to the standard, the numbers are from specification 1 to specification 40, specification 1 is 21*21 modules, specification 2 is 25*25 modules, and so on. The specification of version n is 21+4 (n-1) modules in each row and column. 2. Finder graphics Generally, the finder graphics will be distributed in 3 locations, and the graphics are all the same. These graphics are located in the upper right corner and lower left corner of the symbol. The detection pattern is composed of three overlapping concentric squares. The module width ratio of these patterns is 1:1: 3: 1: 1, respectively 7*7 dark modules, 5*5 light modules, 3*3 Dark modules. Since the possibility of encountering similar patterns in other places in the symbol is extremely small, the three position detection patterns that make up the finder pattern can clearly determine the position and direction of the symbol in the field of view. 3. Separator The width of the separator between the position of the detection graphic and the coding area is 1 module, all composed of light-colored modules. 4. Positioning graphics The positioning graphics have columns and rows in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the composition colors are alternately dark and light colors. The dark modules are at the beginning and end. 5. Correction graph 3 overlapping concentric squares form a correction graph, which is composed of 5*5 dark modules, 3*3 light modules, and a dark module in the center. The number of correction graphics is determined by the version number of the RE code. Symbols with version number 2 and above have correction graphics. The version number used in this design is 7. 6. Coding area A coding area is specified in the design, and there are a variety of symbol characters in the coding area, including data code words, error correction code words, version information and format information, etc. 7. Blank area The blank area is the area surrounding the symbol. It has 4 module-wide areas, and the reflectivity of the blank area is the same as that of the light-colored module.
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