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How to free switch in of qiu dong season? You're just a custom fleece -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-19
South of the changeable weather recently, north of you appreciate the snow, I wear a long sleeve of the south sea views. A few days ago about ten degrees temperature, and rose to more than 20 degrees, these days don't know now what is the season between trance. But no matter how changes in temperature, fleece can always accompanied me & ndash; — When the weather is warm, wear a fleece resources; The weather is cool, inside take a render unlined upper garment; In cold weather, plus a coat, it is very convenient! Personality who dress custom make you in qiu dong season also to have to belong to own t-shirts! Personality who dress custom is about the expression of his personality, choose their own a modelling, fashion is something that belongs to oneself, natural feel very dignified. DIY is not difficult, how can custom fleece simpler? 1. Choose to print the image, and then use Photoshop or PS, and other graphics software set the size of the printed image, etc. 2. Pretreatment need to print fleece, evenly spraying pretreatment solution, and then use the press for 30 seconds. 3. The fleece on digital jet printing of textile printer, and then start the laser printing machine for printing. 4. After printing, use ironing press pressure, rapid evaporation ink excess water. So finish your fleece custom! Without any pollution, you can be in the home, in stores, in the studio, used in garment factory machines! The fool operation, more convenient experience for you! A month can your machine earn money back!
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