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How to improve the life of laser coding machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-03
No matter what product is now, it always has a service life, and this time is called the service life. The service life of the products made in the same batch is also different. Some may fail after a few hours of work, and some may work for several years. If we do not maintain it, its service life will be shorter. Is there any way to increase the life of the laser coding machine? The following is a specific introduction:    1. Remember to prevent dust, shock and interference when using it, and clean the lens in time.  2. In order to prevent the surge of the drive power supply, there must be a relatively strong surge absorption circuit.  3. The laser must work within the limited current, and a safe and reliable current-limiting circuit is indispensable.  4. Since the laser is a sensitive current component, the drive current cannot be directly applied to the two ends of the laser. The slow start circuit is also indispensable for the protection of the laser.   5. Must operate according to the correct switch machine sequence.   These maintenance tasks are so simple, you only need to pay a little attention to it to ensure that your laser coding machine can be used for a longer time.
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