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How to improve the marking depth of imported laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-29

Many users of UV laser marking machines want to improve the depth of their marking, so how can a ready-made laser marking equipment improve the depth of its marking?

1. From the power range of the laser, increasing the power of the laser will directly increase the depth of the laser marking. But it must be remembered that once the power of the laser is changed, the matching laser power supply, laser chiller, laser Q-switching system, laser cavity mirror, etc. can be replaced, and the cost will increase a lot. , the workload will also increase.

2. Ultraviolet laser marking machine From the essence of the laser, optimizing the beam quality of the laser will also improve the strength and depth of the ultraviolet laser marking machine. This method is processed from the method of generating the laser, such as manipulating the laser cavity, such as replacing the good laser material, laser crystal or replacing the higher-grade gas, replacing the laser pump source with more reliable and stable quality, the laser Measures such as total mirror and output mirror.

3. Ultraviolet laser marking machine can achieve twice the result with half the effort by using a high-quality laser group in terms of subsequent laser spot processing. For example, use a high-quality beam expander so that the beam expands into a perfect beam similar to a Gaussian beam. Use high-quality F-∝ field lens, so that the passing laser has better light focus and better light spot. The energy of the light spot is used more uniformly in the effective width.

4. If the above three basic methods cannot be changed, you can change the field lens with a shorter focal length to achieve better marking by the UV laser marking machine. depth.

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