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How to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-26
Fiber laser marking machine can bring higher production efficiency to enterprises, so how to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine? 1. Internal factors and processing workpieces. Internal factors are mainly laser frequency, laser spot mode, beam divergence angle, laser power, reasonable optical shaping coordination, etc. The internal factors are the engineers' opinions should be considered when selecting models in the early stage. When processing, customers should pay attention to the marking density, marking width, marking depth and laser spot size. 2. Marking density

In the case of the same format, the same spot, and the same depth, the higher the density, the slower the corresponding speed, because the density increases the marking area.

3. Marking Format Because the deflection area of ​​the large-format marking galvanometer is increased, the marking speed of the large-format marking is slower than that of the small-format marking. 4. Depth of marking If the depth of marking needs to be deepened, adjusting the parameters of the laser marking machine can increase its power, so the marking speed will be affected in the process. 5. Laser spot size The smaller the spot is, the smaller the marking volume is, so the bigger the spot is, the faster the marking speed is. The above is about the methods to improve the speed of laser marking machine. If you buy according to these methods, you can make the benefit value higher.
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