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How to improve the marking speed of the laser printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27
The improvement of core technology is the main direction for the future development of laser printers.

From the initial simple anti-counterfeiting mark, the laser printing machine is now a 'one thing, one code' identification, traceability, and marketing solution for the Internet of Things. The application range of the laser printing machine has been improved. Inkjet coding Most of the printers are replaced by laser printers. Laser printers are more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, simple and stable. How to continue to increase and expand the market share of laser printers?

Laser cij printers continue to improve their response speed, scribing speed, and jump speed to increase their marking speed (thereby increasing output, production efficiency, reducing labor, and realizing high-speed and efficient automation products Marking) can be clearly and effectively marked on some high-speed product lines, such as high-speed extruded wires and cables, to meet the ever-increasing coding needs of customers. The laser printing machine can only continuously improve its marking effect on different products, which can increase its contrast, so that consumers can quickly find the content of the code and understand the production information of the product, such as production links, traceability information, and more The products can use laser marking.
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