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How to judge the quality of equipment when choosing fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-07

When we choose fiber laser marking machine, how to judge the quality of the equipment? As a new type of automatic processing equipment, fiber laser marking machine is very necessary to understand its main configuration. The core parts of the fiber laser marking machine mainly include fiber laser, galvanometer, field mirror, chassis, and computer.

1. Fiber laser: that is, the component that generates the laser, which is the core part of the entire fiber marking machine. There are many domestic and imported brands. At this stage, the imported brands we commonly see are: German IPG, British SPI, French manlight and other brands. Common domestic lasers are: Raycus, Maxphotonics, JPT, etc., with good quality and high stability .

2. Galvanometer: Now most of the galvanometers used in fiber laser marking machines are digital galvanometers, digital galvanometers In addition to the ability to rapidly ramp up and down power levels, online switching from pulsed to continuous operation, and analog control of the internal pulse generator, enables the optimum timing and pulse shape required for a specific application, so , when processing complex parts and extremely sensitive materials, the laser pulse width, pulse energy and average power can be controlled in real time.

3. Field lens: also called flat field focusing lens, scanning lens, F-theta mirror. It is mainly used to focus the light from the galvanometer on a plane. When purchasing a laser marking machine, you should pay attention to indicating the marking range, and determine according to your own needs. Don't blindly ask for the size. The wavelength of the optical fiber marking machine and the semiconductor marking machine is 1064nm, and the field lenses of the two are generally universal.

4. Chassis and circuit parts: Many of these parts are designed and produced by the manufacturers themselves, and of course many are custom-made, which is why so many fiber lasers For similar reasons, marking machines can support special customization and provide manufacturers with satisfactory optical fiber marking machine solutions.

5. Industrial computer: Ordinary computer can also be used. For laser marking machine, because its marking card is a USB marking card, then this computer can also be used Laptop, which is one of the important reasons why the laser marking machine can be made into a portable marking machine.

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