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How to judge which laser marking machine is of good quality?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-31

Once, many users would ask me how to choose a laser marking machine manufacturer? Which one has good quality? In fact, the quality of laser marking machine is affected by many factors, mainly including service performance, life span, and failure rate.

Next, let’s take a look with the editor.

1. Use performance

Use performance refers to the benefits produced in actual applications, based on the customer's own requirements.

2. Service life

Regarding service life, mainly lasers.

The service life of the laser marking machine has a great relationship with many factors such as frequency of use, operation and maintenance items, use environment, etc. Therefore, to judge which laser marking machine is of good quality-the life span, just look at the laser Configuration.

3. Failure rate

Compared with performance, failure rate is another important factor, which directly affects the production and vital interests of customers.

I believe everyone now knows how to judge which laser marking machine is of good quality.

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