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How to keep our green life? Clothing is your good choice - custom class

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-16
Student age is the age of the most memorable, for the young you me it is the most beautiful season, is the best of us. However, how different our time? Custom class is a good choice. Personality is always young people chase, for the best we change size uniform, painting is on the school uniform own machine carefully. And at the same time to customize our own class is better. In fact, many schools are now reforming school uniforms. First, uniform design look more fashionable, and second is not required to wear every day, only the flag or other important requirements in school activities, give the students more autonomy. Supported by a lot of class students even custom class, we demonstrate personality in each class, also in the collective activities involved in custom class clothing to enhance the class's and grade's cohesive force, centripetal force and autonomy. Custom class, read for monotonous boring life adds a fresh colour, let the sun warm youthful show incisively and vividly. Let time profusion colorful campus, let youth without regret, clothing custom class is the best memory of past years. It's difficult to suit the custom class? The cost is expensive or not? Very simple, choose digital textile printing machine, using the environmentally friendly textile ink, directly on the T-shirt customization exquisite class design and logo. Is playing is dry, not only has the very good full color logo printing effect, and can guarantee the permeability of clothes is not affected, let the students in sports also won't feel hot. In addition, machine wash or hand wash, color fastness is very good. The custom t-shirts cost is not high, custom garment price of 40 yuan is also very profitable! A crush? Urgent action! ! ! ! Select printing T-shirt laser printing machine, is your business good choice. Sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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