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How to maintain fiber laser marking machine in summer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-30

In the marking and surface engraving business, fiber laser marking machines are very popular, so machine maintenance methods have attracted more and more attention.

In summer, it is the high-intensity working period of laser marking machine.

Today, I will share some maintenance methods for fiber laser marking machine in summer.

Maintenance steps of fiber laser marking machine

1. When the fiber laser marking machine is working, if the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the factory should open Air-conditioning, if the factory does not have air-conditioning, it should be well ventilated.

2. If the laser marking machine is in the rainy day, the basement, the first floor or near the river, if the humidity is too high, but the temperature of the marking machine lens is very low, it is prone to condensation, serious Affect the normal operation of the laser machine.

It can increase the dryness around the light path of the marking machine.

3. Air-cooled laser marking machine should always clean the dust on the fan and optical platform.

4. The maintenance of the fiber laser marking machine should also pay attention to the internal temperature of the entire equipment. High temperature will affect the stable operation of the laser power supply.

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