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How to maintain high resolution inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

The use and maintenance of high-resolution cij printers is very important. Generally, problems with cij printers are also caused by the nozzles. The nozzles are blocked, scratched, and the nozzle film comes off. How to maintain the nozzles? ?The technician from Factory Technology Co., Ltd. told us how to maintain the high-resolution cij printer? 1. The ink must be squeezed every day, and the ink must be squeezed before use. If the squeezing fails, spray some cleaning agent and then squeeze until ink is discharged from each hole, and then spray a larger letter to see if there is any There is no disconnection, if there is a short line, you need to squeeze the ink until it is wireless. This only needs to be done once a day. 2. Do not use the cleaning box to clean the nozzles too frequently because the cleaning agent is a corrosive chemical solvent. Using too much will corrode the nozzle film, and then cause the nozzle film to fall off. Therefore, it is generally possible to clean without cleaning, even if more ink is squeezed out, it does not matter. 3. Check whether all the nozzles of the nozzle are unobstructed, press the strong spray, put a blank notebook or a piece of white paper in front of the nozzle, move slowly from left to right, and check whether the printed content of the test information 'E' is complete or not. White line. If there is a missing line in the 'E' or if the line is removed, repeat the steps of spraying the nozzle with cleaning fluid and squeezing the ink cartridge until there is no missing line in the 'E'. If this problem cannot be solved, cleaning fluid is needed to clean the nozzle. Fourth, the high-resolution inkjet printer must be shut down after using it every day. After shutting down, there is no need to clean the nozzle, just turn off the power, the nozzle is down, and the nozzle cover is just covered. After shutting down, do not use cleaning fluid to clean the surface of the print head, otherwise the ink inside the print head will dry and cause blockage.

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