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How to maintain the inkjet printer daily

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
Nowadays, many companies can see the cij printer, but have you noticed the daily maintenance of the machine? This machine is a kind of equipment with consumption, more or less will encounter some failures or problems in the process of use. If we pay attention to maintenance, we can reduce the failure rate, reduce the cost loss caused by the failure, and improve the production efficiency. Now inkjet printer manufacturers introduce some methods for daily maintenance of cij printers: 1. Check the liquid level of ink and solvent. When it is low, it must be added in time according to the procedure. 2. Check whether the ink viscosity is normal. The ink of the inkjet printer is very important. The viscosity of the ink has a great influence on the normal use of the inkjet printer. 3. Check whether the ink and solvent have passed the expiration date. If the ink has passed the expiration date, you should purchase it as soon as possible, otherwise the quality and effect of the printing cannot be guaranteed. 4. Check the nozzle regularly. If there is dust or stains, clean and dry the nozzle system in time. Pay attention to the automatic cleaning procedure when the machine is turned on and off. 5. Clean the fan filter regularly. 6. Regularly clean the installation and fixing devices of the electric eye. 7. Regularly check the installation and fixing devices of the print head and electric eye. 8. Regularly check the connection of the power supply and the ground wire. 9. Do a comprehensive maintenance for the inkjet printer once a year and replace the filter. I hope this article on how to maintain the cij printer on a daily basis can help our customers and friends! If you have any questions or problems, please consult: 020-87227827 For more information about cij printer manufacturers, laser inkjet printer manufacturers, and imported cij printers, please log on to our official website:.
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