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How to maintain the inkjet printer scientifically?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
I think many customers, including companies, don’t particularly understand how to maintain the cij printers they buy, so that the life of the inkjet printer is longer and the value created is higher; this is one point; another good inkjet printer has The three major conditions include the performance of the inkjet printer, the quality of inkjet printer accessories, and the technology of inkjet printer use. We are born to have a protective desire for our own things, as long as we like things we will protect and love; the inkjet printer is the same, it creates value for us, changes our lives, if it breaks, without maintenance, it will appear when the time comes. If you don’t know what it is, you have to ask a professional inkjet printer to repair it. You know the pain in the middle. Stopping production is one, but it’s two to spend money on repairs. The main reason is anxiety in the middle. Yes, This is the reaction; then we have to figure out how to maximize the longevity of this cij printer and the partners who create benefits for our company? How to improve life expectancy? This is a problem, the inkjet printer will show you how to use scientific methods to increase the service life of the inkjet printer. Maintenance 1: The indoor working environment is guaranteed for 5 seconds. If the indoor working environment is dusty, it is easy to get dust into the main ink cartridge, then from the main ink cartridge to the auxiliary ink cartridge, and then into the nozzle, jamming the nozzle, affecting the printing effect, and then shortening the service life of the nozzle . Maintenance 2: Strictly operate in accordance with the product operating instructions of the inkjet printer. The nozzle part must not rub against any objects. The fine hairs hang on the surface of the nozzle, causing nozzle blockage and ink dripping, causing the coding effect. Maintenance third: manage the use of auxiliary accessories. Every accessory on the printer has its own purpose. Do not remove it at will, such as the main ink cartridge, auxiliary ink cartridge, filter, etc. Maintenance four: The choice of ink for the inkjet printer is very important. The high-quality ink determines the clarity of the inkjet printing effect of the inkjet printer; if the ink is changed frequently, it will also have a certain impact on the nozzles. Therefore, when we buy which brand of inkjet printer, we must choose the ink of the same brand manufacturer. The ink of the manufacturer is tested by the equipment and corresponds, so there is a certain guarantee for the accessories of the inkjet printer. Maintenance No. 5: The nozzle is the most important part in the printer cut off the power supply, so the nozzle must be handled with care, and the nozzle must be cleaned before the power is turned off, and the nozzle must be placed in the nozzle with a moisturizing sponge pad. On the cover, so as to ensure the nozzle condition and nozzle quality, and also extend the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the official website of the laser inkjet printer: http:///Leave a message and tell the editor
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