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How to maintain the marking machine in summer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-18

With the widespread use of laser marking machines, its maintenance methods have also received widespread attention. Every year around June 21st is the summer solstice. At the summer solstice, it is basically a year with long days. , The night is shorter, which also means that every summer is the high-intensity working period of the laser marking machine. Let's introduce the maintenance methods in summer.

1. If the temperature of the surrounding environment of the laser marking machine exceeds 30 degrees, factories with good conditions can turn on air-conditioning, and factories without air-conditioning should try their best to ventilate.

2. When it rains or is placed in the basement or on the first floor or near the river, the laser marking machine must be measured with a hygrometer to measure the humidity near the marking machine. If the humidity is too high, When the temperature of the lens of the marking machine is very low, condensation is prone to occur, which seriously affects the normal operation of the laser machine. It can be turned off, heated to room temperature for indoor problems, or increased drying around the marking machine's optical path.

3. Air-cooled laser marking machine should always clean the dust on the fan and optical bench.

4. The water-cooled laser marking machine needs to change the water once a week (when it is used frequently), and the dust net of the chiller should be cleaned every day.

5. During the marking process of the marking machine, the gas or dust generated when the laser interacts with the energy marking material must have a dust suction device. Protect the laser lens to the utmost extent.

6. In summer marking machine maintenance, it should be noted that the internal temperature of the entire equipment cannot If the temperature is too high, it will affect the stable operation of the laser power supply. It is recommended that all the fans in the laser marking machine chassis should be turned on. If there is no fan, add an external fan.

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