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How to maintain the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-23

The inkjet printer is a high-precision machine, and some parts are vulnerable parts. If it is not properly maintained during daily use, it is easy to malfunction, which will seriously affect the working efficiency of the machine and even the service life of the machine. The cij printer is a high-speed inkjet printer. When we use it, we strengthen daily maintenance, so that machine failures can be eliminated in time.

  Continuous printing is mainly used in industrial production. According to the different requirements of on-demand printing, different technologies can be used. First, check the machine regularly, check the installation and fixing devices of the print head and electric eye, the connection of the power supply and the ground wire, and regularly clean the fan filter. Secondly, the printer must clean the nozzle before shutting down and power off, and put the nozzle on the nozzle cover with moisturizing sponge pad, which can ensure the condition of the nozzle and the quality of printing, and also extend the use of the nozzle to a certain extent. life. Prevent the nozzle of the nozzle from entering ink, cleaning fluid, etc., in case the socket is contaminated, quickly clean it with alcohol. The machine has a certain service life. In daily use, you must be careful, pay attention to details, frequently check and repair, and pay attention to maintenance. In this way, the normal use of the printer can be guaranteed.

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