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How to maintain the printer in high temperature weather?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-16

Summer is here, and the printers purchased by many manufacturers have frequent problems. During the high temperature, what are the problems of using the cij printer and how to deal with it? The cij printer manufacturers are here to answer your questions. When the inkjet printer is in use, the nozzles are blocked. When we shut down the printer, we need to clean the ink pipelines in the machine completely, so that there is no residual ink in the ink pipelines and nozzles. When the climate is hot and high temperature, the viscosity of the ink will increase, the font will slip, resulting in blurred handwriting and poor printing effect. It is necessary to increase the thinner before use, and the printer has the function of automatically increasing the thinner.

After using the machine, the cleaning operation is not in place, and the print head is easily dirty, which will affect the next use of the printer. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the printer is clean at all times. When the temperature increases suddenly, the solvent consumption will also increase, resulting in insufficient use during the Leadtech Coding process. Since both inks and solvents are volatile, the dense accumulation of gas may create a fire hazard when the temperature rises. Therefore, when working on the inkjet printer in summer, the production workshop needs more ventilation. Of course, the problems of inkjet printer equipment in summer are far more than the above points. If other problems are found during the operation, you can communicate with us in time to deal with them.

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