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How to maintain the printer in hot weather?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28

Summer is here, and many printers purchased by manufacturers have frequent problems. During the high temperature period, what problems should be dealt with when using the inkjet printer? The printer manufacturer is here to answer your questions. The print head is blocked during the use of the cij printer. When we shut down the printer, we need to clean the ink pipeline in the machine so that there is no residual ink in the ink circuit and the print head. When the climate is hot and high temperature, the viscosity of the ink will increase, the fonts will be slippery, resulting in slurred writing and poor printing effect. It is necessary to add diluent before use. The printer has the function of automatically adding diluent.

After using the machine, the cleaning operation is not in place and the print head is simply dirty, which will affect the next use of the printer. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the printer is clean at any time. When the temperature increases gradually, the solvent consumption will also increase, resulting in insufficient usage in the coding process. Since inks and solvents are both volatile, when the temperature rises, the dense gas may cause a fire hazard. Therefore, when working on the inkjet printer in summer, the production workshop needs more ventilation. Of course, the problems of the industrial inkjet printer equipment in the summer are far more than the above points. If other problems are found during the operation, you can communicate with us in time for handling.

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