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How to maintain the printer in summer and autumn

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-05

After users purchase inkjet printer products, the trouble that comes with it is how to maintain and repair the inkjet printer. If the standard maintenance and maintenance are not carried out, even if the quality of the inkjet printer is good, its service life will not be as long as expected. Now I will introduce the cij printer. The main points of repair and maintenance of the printer in summer and autumn, I hope to bring some help to large users.

The temperature in summer is hot, and it is also a season when printer failures occur frequently. Under high temperature conditions, the inkjet printer may have a series of problems such as ink hanging, nozzle clogging, and poor print quality. Because

is too high air temperature will cause the temperature in the case to rise, exceeding the normal value, and everyone knows that high temperature is for the circuit board and ink circuit system There are also great threats. For example, it may cause the working pressure of the circuit board to increase, and it may also cause the fast-drying ink to dry too quickly, thereby affecting The performance of the inkjet printer, in severe cases, will cause the inkjet printer to fail to work, which will affect the normal production of the user unit.

We know the impact of high temperature on the cij printer, the following author will talk about the countermeasures. First of all, the working environment of the printer should be kept in good condition to prevent electrostatic interference; when printing the logo, please pay attention to the nozzle to keep a certain distance from the production line. Too close. Secondly, it is necessary to clean the nozzles of the nozzle inkjet printer many times to prevent clogging and keep the ink smooth.

Although there will not be as many problems in autumn as in summer, because the cool temperature in autumn will reduce the load on the circuit board, which is beneficial to the circuit board and ink circuit system, but it is still

Don't take it lightly. First of all, you should not stop for a long time to prevent the ink circuit and nozzles from clogging. If you want to, the printer needs to handle the idle state for a long time. Please also follow the operation

Procedures regularly clean the nozzles and pipelines to keep the ink unobstructed. Secondly, the operator should pay attention to the running time of the ink pump of the inkjet printer to see if it is time to perform a new round of professional maintenance. Please contact the printer manufacturer in advance. Contact the staff to ensure that the inkjet printer is in a high-performance state and avoid production delays.

Standard maintenance can improve the overall efficiency of the inkjet printer, extend its service life, and ensure The printer has been in a stable working condition for a long time.

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