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How to maintain the printer when it is hot in summer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26
1. Keep away from fire: The inks, solvents, and cleaning agents used in the inkjet printer are all flammable substances. Careless placement and use may cause fire accidents. The cij printer consumables should be placed in a cool and dry place. The ink and solvent must not be stacked together. The opened consumables should be sealed in time to prevent dumping and gas leakage. The warehouse where the consumables are placed should also be ventilated and open flames are strictly prohibited. The production site of cij printers must pay attention to ventilation and fire prevention. Solvents and inks contain volatile components. Temperature factors will accelerate this phenomenon. The concentration of these gases will accelerate the risk of fire. 2. The shell of the inkjet printer needs to be grounded: According to the operating principle of the printer, the shell of the inkjet printer can be grounded to dissipate the charge of the shell and prevent the ink from being affected by the electric field. Affect the normal operation of the ink line and inkjet printer.

The equipment is properly grounded to prevent the operator from touching the equipment and being shocked by static electricity.

Third, wear protective equipment: Operators should wear protective equipment, such as eye protection, gloves and protective masks, etc. If solvent, cleaning agent or ink accidentally splashed into the eyes, immediately rinse with water at least Ten minutes, and seek medical treatment as necessary for necessary protection. Clean the air filter every month to keep the filter clean and unblocked, which can help dissipate heat inside the chassis and effectively reduce the consumption of diluent. 4. Long-term shutdown for maintenance: When protecting and maintaining the cij printer at ordinary times, press F1 to normally shut down the inkjet printer in the printing state. Whether there is ink around the negative plate, etc., if there is ink, you need to use a cleaning agent to clean the surrounding ink to keep the nozzle clean. If the printer is not used for short-term shutdown (within one month), after the ink line is stopped, find the nozzle cleaning menu in the system, and store it in a cool place after 3 nozzle cleanings are completed. For more than one month, please contact our engineers to drain the ink at your door and clean the machine before placing it, so as not to run the ink circuit system for a long time and cause blockage of the ink circuit system of the equipment, and prepare for the next use of the equipment to avoid equipment failure. Can not be used normally, or cause unnecessary maintenance costs!
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