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How to maintain the UV laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-26

In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, UV laser marking machine has entered the stage of laser marking processing. UV laser marking machine has a very good performance in many production and processing processes with very efficient marking speed and precision, so It is deeply loved by the majority of business owners and users, and has won a good reputation in many industries. Today, when the UV laser marking machine is widely used, there are also many people who do not know how to use and maintain the UV laser marking machine correctly, which leads to the reduction of the service life of the UV laser marking machine or some problems. I will talk to you about how to maintain the UV laser marking machine.

Compared with other marking equipment, the maintenance method of the laser marking machine is very simple, and it is not as complicated as the maintenance of other marking equipment. In fact, it is only necessary to clean the ultraviolet laser marking machine daily to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment, and no dust deposits are required immediately. The optical lens of the UV laser marking machine needs to be cleaned with extra caution. It is best to use an air gun to remove the dust on the lens. If there is dust deposition, the light output of the UV laser marking machine will be hindered and the laser intensity will be weakened. Lead to poor marking effect; the cost of precision optical lens of UV laser marking machine is also high, do not directly contact the lens with hands, the fiber material of human skin adheres to the precision optical lens, which will also affect the laser. Ultraviolet laser marking machine has very high requirements on ambient temperature, and it needs to be used in a constant temperature environment, so be sure to check the temperature of the refrigerated water tank when using it. Take the ultraviolet laser marking machine as an example: the set target temperature is 25°C, the temperature of the water tank should be controlled within 22-28°C before turning on the UV laser; otherwise, a series of problems such as no light from the laser, laser alarm, and loss of the laser will occur, so the temperature of the water tank must be guaranteed; in addition, the water tank The water temperature also needs to be paid attention to, and the water level in the water tank must be kept within the range of the green line.
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