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How to make the photo of the laser coding machine clearer tutorial

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-21

Many times, customers will encounter a problem, why the picture is not clear enough, this is because the parameters of the laser marking machine software are not set well, let's take a look at how to set it!

1. Open the laser marking machine software and import the photos you want to print.

Laser marking machine tutorial

2. The key step is coming. We need to set the DPI parameter. Our DPI parameter is generally set between 100 and 500, which is set according to the size of the light spot.

It should be noted that when the DPI value is larger and the laser spot is smaller, the printed picture will be clearer. In addition, the power of the laser marking machine should be set at a suitable range. The power setting of the laser marking machine will also affect the clarity of the picture. This setting will only be known after many attempts or an experienced master.

3. Generally speaking, when laser marking, the source image must be clear (the pixel is high, so the printed image will be clearer.)

According to experience, the setting of the laser marking machine is very important, the hardware affects the effect, and the software setting also affects the effect.

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