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How to make the small automatic inkjet printer print more clearly? What are the main points?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31
are now used stably in various industries. Of course, with the needs of inkjet coding, the requirements for various functions will vary. The most important performance of the inkjet printer is high-definition, which has relatively high requirements for inkjet coding, so how to make the small automatic cij industrial inkjet printer have a better inkjet texture? What about higher clarity? 1. The choice of high-quality ink uses a small automatic cij printer. If you want to make the inkjet code more high-definition, you should pay attention to the choice of ink. With the increasing application demand of inkjet printers, the overall performance requirements for them are getting higher and higher. Of course, in order to have a good inkjet effect, it is recommended to check the ink quality. According to the needs of different coding materials, the selection of inks must also be matched in place. Choose high-quality inks to make the coding clearer and have a better texture. 2. Constantly adjusting the character situation. Combining with the coding needs of different industries today, there will certainly be differences in the definition requirements, and naturally you must also pay attention to the adjustment of the characters. In the process of using, you should constantly adjust the height and width of the characters to ensure that the coding effect is better and the accuracy is higher. 3. Setting the corresponding inkjet dot matrix In order for the cij printer to have a better cleaning effect, of course dot matrix design is a very important link. According to the current work of coding, generally the more dot matrix, the more beautiful the font is composed. You can also adjust it according to the situation when you set it. There are many use items and operating instructions for small automatic inkjet printers. If you want to make the inkjet printer clearer, you should do these basic considerations and constantly adjust the settings to make the inkjet effect meet the standard requirements.
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